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Welcome to the new Hell.

First of all, I’m not trying to challenge anyone’s copyrights. I love this campaign setting and can’t stand seeing it in a shallow and unmoving grave. The vast majority of the work I’m doing here is adapted (or even copied) from someone else, be it Paizo, White Wolf/Sword & Sorcery/ArtHaus, Wizards of the Coast, or TSR. All credit goes to them for their innovative, genius work. Thank you to all the hundreds of writers who have come before and made this possible.

The changes, in a nutshell:

1. The Dark Powers, in my iteration of the game, are defined. They should still rarely have any real hands-on interaction with the world, though: the world is largely the unconscious will of the jailers.

2. As such, the consequences of Dark Powers checks require a greatly expanded, if not entirely new, system: I’ll be calling it the Wages of Sin, and the rewards will reflect, if not the specific sin, at least the personage whose attention has been attracted.

3. The magic system here is entirely the Words of Power system from Paizo ’s Ultimate Magic sourcebook.

4. Many of the Domains practically need their own Core Rulebook, as the populations of these Domains vary so much from the Core. I’ll document these as clearly as possible.

And now, the keys to the jail.

Home Page

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